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Who we are

An expert team prepared to handle the projects crucial for your success, offering development services globally since 2006.

This equates to 15 years of unwavering commitment to efficient communication, keeping up with evolving technologies, and collaborating with exceptional agencies, startups and entrepreneurs. We’re capable of assisting with your projects, and we can even assemble a dedicated team that exclusively serves your company on a full-time basis.

What we do

Dedicated teams

Highly proficient, autonomous, cross-functional teams for rapid technology solution delivery At BlackBox, our dedicated teams are meticulously assembled to align seamlessly with your objectives and specifications. These teams boast extensive experience, unwavering reliability, and the ability to function autonomously. We firmly believe that the combination of your vision and leadership, coupled with their diligence and experience, results in the creation of a very efficient development process.

Staff Augmentation

Enhance your development team by adding experienced technical resources In the face of the ongoing global shortage of tech talent, securing and keeping top-tier individuals in your workforce has become increasingly challenging. BlackBox offers a solution with a pool of expert resources at your disposal, ready to seamlessly join your ongoing projects. Our commitment to excellence guarantees a seamless integration with your existing team, maintaining unwavering standards of quality, compatibility, and professionalism.

Web Development

We’ve been building websites for many years for many different clients and industries. We are WordPress experts and have designed, developed and helped maintain over 200 projects. We move fast and bring our own set of tools to the development process. Our team can help you in all stages of web development or it can attach to your process to help alleviate the workload and bring your projects to completion at an affordable cost.

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    Words from happy Clients

    Peg Duchesne

    Duchess Enterprise, LLC

    “While working as Project Manager for a Web design company for two years, we utilized the services of Alvaro’s company, BlackBox, on a number of different occasions to help complete a project in record time. His staff was knowledgeable and extremely helpful and polite. Alvaro was a terrific partner and helped us immensely to meet our deadlines and to complete the projects with quality and efficiency. ”

    Hector Vilches

    ImpressM, LLC

    “ We started working with Alvaro and BlackBox in 2005! He put together a team that built hundreds of projects for impressM, and still works with us to this day. Our team at BlackBox grew from one developer to over 10 fulltime resources and our hope is to continue our long term partnership with great success.”

    Andrew MacDowell

    OffScript Media

    “ I’ve worked with Alvaro over the course of the last five years. I have consistently been deeply satisfied with the work delivered by him, and the teams he has expertly assembled. When it comes to online development and project management, you need not look beyond Alvaro. Feel free to ask him how you can follow up with me via email or phone if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to do you the favor of telling you more about his work and acumen. ”